prayforparadise said:  Hey I looked up the tag Marywood University and saw one of your posts. I'm starting to look at colleges and Marywood is one of them. Actually so far their social work program is my favorite. So i was just wondering how you like Marywood! If you could go to my page and give me your answer in my ask I would greatly appreciate it because 99% of the time I don't get the notification when someone answers my question! Thanks for your time!

Done !

7 August 2013 ♥ 2


Marywood University Res Life Contineo Cup 2012-13 

25 April 2013 ♥ 3


thoughts thrown together in a vlog.

24 April 2013 ♥ 2



16 April 2013 ♥ 64


Where did the time go, man?!

12 April 2013

Resident assistants are finding out their placements today.  I’m sad that I will not be receiving a letter.  This chapter in my life is growing short on pages.  Congratulations to all of the new RAs beginning the journey that changed my life.  I hope you find as much growth, joy, and satisfaction in the resident assistant position as I have in the past three years!

18 March 2013

I leave for Rome Saturday night.  It’s the weirdest feeling .. I knew it was going to creep up on me, but it’s right around the corner now!  I need to pack, but I will wait until the last minute.  That’s just how I am.  Oops.

23 February 2013 ♥ 1

Things change a lot.

For better and for worse.

11 February 2013

All papers ago for Rome!

4 February 2013 ♥ 2

I had a really tasty half off an egg and cheese bagel today. Mmmmm.  First Stop does it the best because they actually use real eggs and the yolk was still a little yolky.

Yes, this really is the highlight of my day so far~

29 January 2013
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